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Discernment Counseling

Join over 800 therapy colleagues in supporting a poorly served type of couple: one spouse is strongly considering divorce but has some doubts, and most often the other spouse wants to save the marriage.

Our therapists use every model and approach in couples therapy. Discernment Counseling is a pre-service to regular couples therapy. The website offers a lot more material and we have a week-long free video series so you can make a decision if this is something you wish to add to your clinical services.

Readiness for Couples Therapy Protocol

Couples on the brink of divorce are hard. No doubt about it. But if you'd rather make a referral for those couples, there is still another type of couples where commitment to the marriage is not in question, but the therapy itself is. Often this person feels dragged in by their spouse, and is showing non-verbal, and sometimes verbal signs, that they'd rather be anywhere but in your office. This training offers a way to not plunge into therapy with an uninterested client while also not being an overly-enthusiastic cheerleader about marriage therapy.

Micro-Trainings for Couples Therapists

If you've struggled with these common 'style' differences couples present to us, you'll really enjoy these deep dives. Our models simply do not go to this level and it's assumed you've got a solid craft of couples therapy down when you begin to learn a particular approach. All micro-trainings are in audio format and come with transcripts.

 Intense Spouse 

Helping Couples When One Spouse is Emotionally Intense

30 Minutes

Talkers and

Helping Couples When One is a Talker and the Other Keeps Quiet

35 Minutes

Low Key,
Quiet Couples

Working with Low Key
and Quiet Couples

26 Minutes

Co-Parenting Issues

Helping Couples Who Are Struggling with Parenting Issues in Their Marriage

20 Minutes

High-Powered Couples

Working with executive, CEO's, doctors, lawyers and other busy professionals who are used to being in charge.

25 Minutes

Therapist Couples

Working With Therapist Couples

33 Minutes

Marital Commitment
in the 21st Century 

Two interviews.
One with Esther Perel, Rich Simon and Bill Doherty talking about commitment. Second is an introduction to Discernment Counseling interview
with Rich Simon.

1 Hour +


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