Wedding Planning Resources

Weddings can be very stressful and bring out the best and worst in all of us. We are left balancing complex issues of: friends, dreams, teamwork, money, loyalties, jealousies, new in-law relations and endless practical decisions—all played out in front of your whole community of family and friends!

No one gets through this without times of frustration, confusion, and sometimes anger. This book is an essential guide to handling the stress, avoiding the common pitfalls, having a great wedding, and launching a successful marriage.


"Invaluable in guiding brides toward the path of wedding bliss"

Take Back Your Wedding has all the elements of an excellent inspirational tool. It will prove invaluable to me in guiding brides toward the path of wedding bliss. What a needed resource in an industry (tragically) more focused on beautiful centerpieces than effective communication. Thank you!

Samantha J. Allen , Lead Wedding Consultant

"A welcomed comfort to the brides who I have given it to"

I loved your book! There are so many brides who get overwhelmed with the planning & dealing with family issues. Many times, brides are embarrassed to ask some questions. It has been a welcomed comfort to the brides who I have given it to. We look forward to new publications from you.

Kelly L. Moore , President of Ambiance Event & Floral Design

"A ‘must read’ for anyone planning a wedding"

I just wanted to tell you that I consider your book a ‘must read’ for anyone planning a wedding. It is loaded with invaluable advice and I recommend it to all of my brides and grooms.

Maria Brady , Professional Bridal Consultant

"Sensible, compassionate and helpful"

Take Back Your Wedding is the most sensible, compassionate and helpful guide for engaged couples available. I am giving a copy to all the couples I see for premarital counseling.

Jean Fitzpatrick, L.P. , New York City Individual and Couples Therapist